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A guide on what to take on a sea cruise in Croatia. What is necessary and what can make our holidays more enjoyable. How and what to pack to meet carriers' requirements
21 December 2019

What to take on a cruise in Croatia?

This is a list of things that may be useful on a sea cruise not only to Croatia. However, apart from "stuff", take also good humor, fantasy, and common sense. 

Now this may seem a bit boring, but believe me, such a list is always useful, even just to check yourself and not go with the question in your head: "is everything packed?"

What to pack?

When packing, remember that you are going on a yacht. And like any yacht, it has a limited amount of space. If you are flying, also take into account the airlines' requirements regarding luggage size and weight. The bag you pack should be soft and without a frame. It is easier to pack and fit into the storage compartment on a yacht, plane or other means of transport. Please take into account that your luggage will be stored in your cabin.

What should you take?

Depending on what month you choose, this list will change slightly. Even in Croatia, it sometimes rains and is windy.

Modify it according to your requirements and the cruise you choose. For internship cruises, don't forget to bring a sleeping bag.

  • a stormcoat or jacket or other clothing protecting against water and wind

  • long sleeve (fleece, sweatshirt, sweater)

  • long trousers

  • shorts

  • T-shirts with short or long sleeves

  • underwear

  • something to sleep on

  • swimsuit or swimming trunks

  • cap or hat

  • shoes with a light non marking sole, (to protect the deck)with closed toes (on shoes are not to be warn on board)

  • water shoes

  • flip flops suitable for showering

  • cosmetics (if you are flying, read about the rules for transporting liquids)

  • towel – preferably quick-drying

  • sunglasses with UV filter

  • medicines (for seasickness or others if you need)

  • cream with a high UV filter

  • 12V charger or USB cable (ordinary sockets only work when connected to electricity at the quay)

  • ID card or passport

  • money or payment card

  • mobile phone with roaming enabled

  • headphones or earplugs – they will help if someone snores


Things that are not necessary but may be useful

  • camera

  • backpack, waist bag or handbag

  • sailing or regular gloves

  • ABC of diving (goggles, snorkel, fins)

  • guides

  • strings for the phone's glasses cap

  • covers, waterproof bags

  • power bank

  • flashlight

  • European Health Insurance Card 


Bed sheets and towels

There is fresh bedding on the yacht for each crew member, but you must remember to bring a towel. At least one, preferably two, so you have a separate towel for the beach.


The kitchen on the yacht is fully equipped with everything needed to prepare meals. The entire crew will be divided into galley watches. The watch will be responsible for preparing meals for the entire crew and cleaning up after meals. Remember not to buy products that leave permanent stains, such as red wine, beets, etc.


It is worth purchasing currency in the country or taking euro with you and exchanging it at a local exchange office. A payment card is also useful. This way, you won't be left with a lot of local currency at the end. It is also worth remembering that additional cruise fees and the deposit are collected in Euro.

Travel insurance

Everyone traveling abroad should be insured against Medical Costs (KL) and Personal Accidents (NNW) - we can help you find the right insurance, you don't have to look for it on your own.


If you have any doubts, don't hesitate to ask. I'm happy to help. Remember that a car, plane, bus or yacht has a limited amount of space, so pack wisely.


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